About Us

Since 1999, Behavioral Health Partners has provided psychological evaluations, counseling and educational services in long-term care and assisted-living facilities located in Greater Kansas City, western Missouri and eastern Kansas.

It is our mission at Behavioral Health Partners to promote emotional wellness among senior adults.  We strive to provide solution-based counseling services that address the needs of patients and concerns of staff, to enhance the quality of life for individuals who live in nursing facilities, help residents achieve maximum functioning and well-being in their living environment, and reduce the need for residents to transfer to higher levels of care.  We understand the challenges of aging and endeavor to offer solutions that make it possible for senior adults to discover contentment during this phase of life. Behavioral Health Partners does not condone discrimination with regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or veteran status in employment, nor in the services provided to the community.

Our professional staff includes licensed psychologists and clinical social workers specially trained to evaluate individual behaviors and reactions to change, and to provide compassionate counseling to older adults dealing with depression, anxiety and other conditions that may affect individual behavior.

In addition to the services we provide in long-term care communities we also provide outpatient services in our Brookside office.